Proprietary Products

The concept of the proprietary products is characterized as an idea or entity owned and controlled by the creator. The patent is usually involved covering the idea, object and products. Proprietary products, concepts and objects are the property of the creator and cannot be re-created without the consent of the owner.

These are the products that can work only on a specific device. When manufactures are able to control the various steps taken in the creation of their product they are able to ensure the best possible quality.

A major advantage for companies creating proprietary products for exclusive use in their accompanying device is the large revenue base that it creates. The control and development of the products using proprietary products opens up an unrestricted revenue base and could change the financial fortunes of the companies.

Al-chat bot

The Al-chat bot is natural language processors understand the intent of query despite potentially ambiguous wording and responds appropriately .Its designed to respond proactively to any customer queries. The AI logic underpinning Bot is exposed via REST APIs and can be called from multiple sources. Bot monitors customer interactions and queries.

The hosting done on cloud or on premises.

The Technologies:
  • Node.js
  • Python [ NLTK libraries, Casine similarity ,Genesim LSI similarity]
  • Mongo DB
  • Mongo DB

Good customer satisfaction with consistent experience between channels, rapid response and resolution, increase customer engagement, improves brand value and trust.

It reduces the operational cost and number of manual interactions also improves the call agent retention.