Rare Skills Ltd. is a Software Development and Information Technology Services Company. We provide consulting and IT services to clients globally. We deliver technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients. We develop, implement, maintain and support the IT applications by providing smart and intelligent solutions, high quality and low-cost service. We believe that IT should actually help you to run your business more effectively and efficiently. We understand that the IT requirements of your business may vary as your company grows and changes, which is why we are committed to delivering cost effective Solutions.

Also we provide various highly skilled Technology professionals for businesses to leverage their expertise in successful business solutions. Our industry professionals are able to deliver better ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each client’s business and industry. In order to create highly satisfying designs, our company has adopted the latest technology and equipment in the field into practicality. Rare Skills Ltd. provides comprehensive and total support and maintenance services through its onsite and an offshore maintenance service. Client´s dedicated IT services support team provides round-the-clock support, application continuity, Help desk management with a high-level Standard Maintenance Procedures, Procedural Manuals, infrastructure and ensures that there is maximum application uptime. Rare Skills Ltd. is significantly different in creating opportunities that synergize the clients in making to make updates and changes on their own.


We are dedicated to delivering high quality tech-driven solutions for your growing business.


Our mission is to provide the best solutions to meet the strategic objectives of our clients.


We value our people and always put our clients at the heart of our business with our sincere commitments.


We blend technological expertise and industry best practices to help clients garner the optimum benefits of the IT. We ensure unbiased, apt, and the most logical IT guidance to maximize your ROI. Our cloud-first approach, Agile development processes and functional test engineering helps ensure application agility and quality. Our enterprise IT infrastructure specialists understand only too well, that the top priority of this transfer is to help the organization deliver higher results within a lower budget. Existek knows exactly how to guide modern enterprises towards digital innovation.

Our consulting team considers transformation initiatives in the context of cloud, data, IoT, AI and machine learning to effectively harness the power of digital. We deploy flexible delivery models to fit your unique needs, and we help you strategize and implement winning solutions. A focus on leading-edge strategic solutions, a stimulating work environment for talented professionals, transparency in engagements with all clients and stakeholders, and constructive relations with our partners are the hallmarks of Rare Skills Ltd’s responsible approach to business.

Creative Solutions

Technology has been changing the world as we see it at an extremely fast pace - with new and unique disruptive ideas

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Quality customer service is the best way to keep customers coming back, thus ensuring long-term success in businesss

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We're a dedicated team looking after client request and business small and large in the UK and Internationally company


Our dedicated team analyzes your current business performance and identifies potential obstruction factors. We exercise non-invasive data collection and analysis tools without producing any interference with your existing workflows. We a range of solutions to the evaluating risks, customer’s problem, assessing risks, costs and benefits, to sort out the best option. We essentially follow a value-based quality approach while handling projects for all our clients.

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